North Star Aerial is Flying in Milwaukee

You read that right - North Star Aerial is expanding east! We have crossed two rivers, and officially expanded into the Milwaukee area! We’re excited to make this beautiful city a home away from home and can’t wait to get our drones up in the air.

We have earned a reputation in Minneapolis as one of the most trusted drone crews. Adam Geiss, owner, is a seasoned and trusted drone pilot with worldwide operational experience. He and his team at North Star Aerial are more than just a team of drone operators. Adam has proudly assembled a crew of veteran cinematographers, camera operators, professional pilots and technicians.

Being new to Milwaukee, North Star Aerial is ready to build relationships within the advertising, broadcast and film industries. We are fully insured, FAA licensed UAS pilots - we have all of right certifications and qualifications to get the job done. This means that last minute job requests are not a problem. We are cleared to fly day or night in most controlled airspaces in the state of Wisconsin, including Milwaukee and Timmerman and Green Bay.


A call out to any art directors, creative directors and production folks in the area - we’d love to grab coffee and chat about how we might work together in the future. Feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email and we’ll set up some time to get together.