here’s a peek inside our aerial ecosystem.



We fly the most Reliable and versatile drones in the industry

Inspire 2.png

Inspire 2

Quick and nimble - the Ferrari of the sky. The Inspire 2 is our workhorse. It excels at tracking shots and has the option for single or dual operator setups. Fly RAW for days. A great match for your ground team, great match for Arri and Red platforms

  • Max Speed: 55mph

  • Super35 6K RAW + 5.2K ProRes recording

  • Max Flight Time: Approx. 18 minutes

  • Interchangeable prime lenses, 35mm equivalent: 24mm, 50mm, 90mm

Phantom 4 Pro

Throw it in the case and go! This small very capable drone is great for travel abroad and on the go locations. Great for smaller budget productions where only one operator is needed. Small footprint for flying indoors.

  • Max Speed: 45 mph

  • 20-megapixel sensor

  • Max Flight Time: Approx. 30 minutes

  • Field of View 84° 24 mm lens

Matrice Pro600

Think of the Matrice Pro600 as the cadillac of the sky. This aerial platform is very capable, smooth, steady and can fly a variety of camera platforms.

  • Max Speed: 40 mph

  • Compatible with Red, Arri, Panasonic, Sony  

  • Max flight time: Approx. 35 minutes

  • Bring your own camera optional




Bring your own camera or we’ll source one for you.




360 camera



Ground Support

From the ground to the sky, we’re fully loaded.



The North Star Aerial Van has to be one of our most valuable assets. Our Van is the center of our aerial ecosystem. Having everything with us is key to being fast and efficient on location. We often charge batteries on the fly, manage media and prep gear in the NSA Van.


NSA Rover

Custom built NSA Rover adds low angle tracking shots and is off road capable. The rover allows us to maintain a consistent, smooth speed for easily repeatable shots. Max speed is 30 mph.


video assist

Nailing that epic shot starts with a plan. Client and directors monitors allow you to see the plan executed in real time so you have the confidence we got the shot.  

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“Roger That”Communications

Communication is key for an efficient and safe production.

Yaesu Aircraft Radio.jpg

Aircraft Radio

Portable Aircraft Radio. When we operate in controlled airspace this radio allows us to communicate with other aircraft in or around our area of operation.

Headset FPO.jpg

EARTEC Headsets

We rarely do a shoot without our headsets. Split second hands free coordination is key and our eartec headsets allow us to do just that. Constent contact ease communication between the crew, the talent and directors.

WAlkie Talkie.jpg


The walkie-talkie’s are also important and are used daily on set. Providing additional communication for additional crew members.