We are experts in aerial photography and cinematography. Professional drone pilots who love to push boundaries creatively and work by the book when it comes to safety and efficiency.

Step 1: Tell us about your project

The first step in the process is going over logistics and locations; talking about what equipment you’ll need for your project and where you want to fly. Next, we’ll confirm airspace and steps we might need to take for approval (i.e., waivers, permits, clearances, etc.). We will go over creative aspects of the shoot ( i.e., cameras, lensing, shot angles, movement, etc.). This will allow us to get aligned creatively and proactively manage and remove any roadblocks that could come capture day.

Step 2: Pre-production

This can look different based on the scope of your project. Big picture, after we’ve confirmed airspace, locations and creative goals - we will define the job scope and budget. During this stage, we’ll also work with you to make sure we’re aligned when it comes to the final deliverable, ensuring you get the elevated content you envisioned. We’ll work with you to finalize any production details and make sure everyone is on the same page. Once everything is clear and understood we provide a statement of work outlining parameters and details. As soon as we have a signature on the dotted line, we’re ready fly.

Step 3: Production

On production day, we’ll go over our collective vision and review any last minute changes to solidify the final details. We build in time to review our checklist and pre-flight plan with our partners to confirm everything is in proper working order. Our team will mesh with yours and we’ll work together to make your project a success.

Step 4: deliverables

We’ll deliver all of the raw files, neat and organized ready to go for your team. We often provide full DIT (digital imaging technician) services on location and we have a full production studio backing us if more in depth post production is needed.