Conducting Drone Business in the State of Minnesota, MN-Dot Operators Certificate

North Star Aerial adds another compliance feather to its cap. While the FAA continues to make progress with the integration of drones into the national airspace, the State of Minnesota has recently initiated requirements governing drone activities as well. The Minnesota Department of Transportation Aviation now mandates that you, as a UAS operator, register your aircraft with the state, meet their insurance requirements, and then obtain an annual operator license. 

Some believe that this is nothing more than a revenue grab from the state. I remain optimistic, andbelieve that it is just another check and balance with in the industry.

However, this could prove detrimental to our industry. There is the possibility that each state will adopt it's own rules and regulations for the newly emerging drone industry. 

We need uniform and consistent national regulation, rather than state by state legislation. A national operator's license, much like a local driver's license, would give each pilot the freedom to both travel and conduct business nationwide, without the barrier to enter of state by state regulation.