The Fast Green Commute

Minneapolis actor and inventor Rich Kronfeld, has done it again. No longer will the morning commute be a slow or unsafe endeavor for bicycle commuters, a group that has grown exponentially in the last decade in the US. We had the chance to work with Rich last fall fly with his amazing hybrid vehicle, capturing footage of the Raht Racer in action for their promotional video, which now has over 7K shares on Mashable


This hybrid vehicle amplifies pedal power to enable cyclists to travel at the same speeds as cars, while still getting a workout. It is the first vehicle of its kind in the world. It has a roof to keep you dry in wet weather and a space to store your computer, lunch and everything you need for your day. The Raht Racer’s hybrid flywheel generator multiplies the pedal power of the driver. The Raht can reach top speeds of 70+ MPH. Find all of the details and link to dozens of articles and coverage on the vehicle on the Raht Race Kickstarter Page

North Star Aerial-Raht Mobile

We had a great time working with Rich and were glad to help promote his amazing Raht Mobile!