Permitted to fly: ​​​​​​​Minneapolis Drone Operator for Super Bowl LII Events

When special events come to town it is fairly common for heightened security and restrictions to be put in place. Super Bowl LII is no exception. With Minnesota hosting this year's game, The City of Minneapolis is requiring an additional unmanned aircraft permit for any and all drone operations in the downtown area. We are excited to be one of few Minneapolis drone operators permitted to fly in the special event zone in the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl.

Minneapolis Drone Operator Company_North Star Aerial

Cleared for Bravo! | North Star Aerial has been approved to fly in controlled airspace.

North Star Aerial has been awarded wide area clearance to fly in MSP Class Bravo Airspace. This allows short-notice jobs to be executed (in most areas) forgoing the long approval process. We must operate in the appropriate altitudes based off the FAA's ARCGIS grid.This pre-approved status will open up lots of opportunity in the Twin Cities. We are excited to be able to fly on short notice!

Arc GIS Grid

Big Mouth's Space Uterus | "putting puberty on the map."

The Space Uterus is helping ‘put puberty on the map’ through Netflix’s newest series: Big Mouth—an adult-animated comedy that dissects the highs and lows of the transition from adolescence to adulthood. 

Big Mouth_North Star Aerial_Netflix
Big Mouth_North Star Aerial_Netflix

The Space Uterus was designed and executed by Stan Herd. This is only one of countless works from all across the world. For over 40 years, the ‘father of crop art’ has helped in transforming how the world looks from above. His earthworks are designed and then executed by planting, mowing, burning and plowing. Stan is well-known for “Young Woman Of China”, a 5 acre piece in China.

We had a blast working on this promo! I always know when we work with director Andrew Melby everything will be dialed in ready to go. This shoot was no exception, we had one take to get this right and everything went perfectly!